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4 oz. Wooden Cigar Flask

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High-quality 4 oz. Wooden Cigar Flask

The  4 oz Wooden Hip Flask & Cigar Case is ready for your next adventure. Camping, fishing or a round of golf, the Flask Traveler is the perfect companion for a sip of whiskey and a delicious cigar. Compact & lightweight, but still satisfyingly heavy, the flask traveler goes where you go, and it's designed last a lifetime.



  • 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel Construction with Spring Loaded Cigar Case
  • Room for 4 ounces of Whiskey, Bourbon or Scotch and two cigars up to 5 inches long
  • Wrapped in Sustainable, Locally Sourced, Hardwood and available in seven different wood species
  • Pressure Tested for our No-Leak Guarantee
  • Handcrafted in Hidden Springs, Idaho, USA

Makes the perfect gift for your Dad, Uncle, Best Man or Groomsman. 

The Wooden Cigar Flask is a single unit divided into two sections.  One section holds two average-sized cigars.  The other tube holds about 4 ounces of your favorite alcoholic beverage.  This flask is top-of-the-line made from food grade 304 stainless steel and polished to a mirror shine.  This personalized flask/cigar combo combines two great vices that go hand in hand, drinking and smoking a stogie, and it does it with style and elegance.  Celebrate any special occasion; from weddings to birthdays to the birth of a child or college graduation, this flask makes a great gift!

 Our 6 oz. stainless steel flasks are wrapped in hand cut, high-quality, 100% real wood locally sourced right here in the United States for superior finish, quality and durability.

    4 oz. Wooden Cigar Flask

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