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White Flowering Artificial Boxwood Wall 40" x 40" (11 Sq Ft)

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This White Flowering Artificial Boxwood Wall is perfect for a wedding backdrop. You can also use it to hide any unsightly areas at your wedding venue. Add some flowers, ribbon or crystals for the most beautiful addition to your wedding decor.

Once the wedding is over, use it to decorate your favorite space. It's sure to look wonderful in your home, office or outdoor space.

Super easy to set up – just put it together, and sit back

Manufactured with only the best, highest quality materials available, our artificial green walls can last for a lifetime without any cracks or faded leaves. Unlike other fake plants, our faux greenery panels are made to last and are treated with our unique UV-resistant technology, making them immune to the harsh rays of the sun. A real garden demands daily maintenance, but this wall of greenery will only need a dusting off once in a while and you're good to go.

You can install your faux wall anywhere.

Get that lush, green country paradise you've always wanted. No watering needed!

White Flowering Artificial Boxwood Wall 40" x 40"  (11 Sq Ft)

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